Life-saving tips about tent

A party tent should also be comfortable and liveable. For optimal air circulation under the structure, it is advisable to avoid Velcro systems and side covers made in one piece over the length or width. When buying, prefer side covers made up of several elements. The fittings self-climatisationlet go of oxygen in the tent without causing drafts.

A bright interior space with open windows is welcoming and gives a feeling of space and freedom to the guests during the party. So don’t just consider the quality of the windows, but also their size.

The different types of PVC fabrics

You can get party tents for sale 20×40 online. Their difference is mainly due to their thickness: 500 g / m² (PVC Smart and Plus quality ranges) or 550 g / m² (PVC Ultra quality range). The thicker the roof and side cover, the more resistant the PVC is to tearing, UV and weathering. The more your structure will be exposed to the wind, cold or sun, the more it will require a roof and side sheet in thick PVC. Brandedparty Frame Tent are also available with the fireproof option. This type of tent is often required for parties and public or professional events.

Here again is the list of all the determining criteria for the purchase of a PVC reception tent:

  • PVC tarpaulins of at least 500 g / m² for maximum resistance
  • One-piece roof cover for added building stability
  • Large windows in a solid, multi-layered material for maximum light and resistance
  • Sun and UV resistant tarpaulins (80+)
  • 100% waterproof roof and side tarpaulins to cope with showers and heavy rains
  • Heat-sealed seams for extra strength and 100% waterproof
  • Individually removable side wall for great modularity in the design of entrances and exits
  • Gable walls with entrances that can be opened or closed using zippers for quick and convenient access
  • Self-cooling connections to facilitate the arrival of fresh air in the tent

Tarpaulin elements placed on the ground and can be fixed with sardines to prevent drafts in the tent