How the PMVA course benefits company managers?

Managers lead a company; they provide vision to the employees and manage daily business. Being eligible for heavy responsibilities they also have to deal with panic situations and aggression from management or employee’s side. They bear a lot of pressure from both sides must able to cool down the top management and employees with their patience, stamina, and tolerance. Due to all these reasons, they need to strengthen their nerves and emotions to deal wisely with aggression.

PMVA is a ‘’Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression’’ course that is effective and beneficial for the managers of every organization to flourish their abilities to manage the conflicts and to improve their communication skills. PMVA course trains the managers in a particular way to build self-control, breakaway, and control of conflicts between top management of the company and the employees.

How the PMVA course grooms the company managers?

PMVA training improves various capabilities of a company manager in the best possible way and makes them able to:

  • Communicate more adequately and compellingly with the management, colleges, and employees.
  • Better sense to understand any type of violence and aggression in the workplace.
  • Improve observation skills to understand the issues of management and employees.
  • Prediction and prevention strategies to deal with violence and administrate aggression by using their expert knowledge.
  • Motivate employees and co-workers to meet deadlines, complete the project more positively and progressively by resolving the conflicts of their team without being harsh.
  • Create a stress-free and relaxed environment to provide productive ease to their team of workers and employees.
  • Implement a human rights-based, ethical, and human-centric approach to promote restraint.
  • Utilize suitable non-physical and physical methods to cool down and tackle an aggressive co-worker or employee.


BASIS TRAINING is a leading name in providing appropriate personal safety training for managers and healthcare professionals who are at more risk of verbal and physical violence. The three modules of PMVA training are designed according to the needs of professionals to provide the most suitable and related training program.

MODULE 1: It is a kind of refreshing course that is a short outline of detailed PMVA training. Staff with a low risk of violence and aggressin can also attend it.

MODULE 2: This is a complete course of control and restraint. Importance of incident report, human rights, non-pain compliant methods, and applicable laws are some basic points of this course.

MODULE 3: This is a three days full PMVA and conflict management training and it mainly focuses on legislations, advance communication techniques, and teamwork techniques.