Now You Can Move Everything INCLUDING the Kitchen Sink

When it comes to shipping, there are many different options. For the average person who is receiving a package, the normal options are UPS, USPS, FedEx Etc. These services normally transport packages via ground and, in some cases and at an additional cost, packages may be delivered via air shipping. For businesses, however, especially those who conduct business internationally, shipments may often be done via sea transportation or even air. Sea or air transportation is typically used for extremely large shipments that require the use of a shipping container or freight and can cost a pretty hefty penny. While sea shipping is pretty pricey, shipping via air can be up to three times the cost. Which one you opt for just depends on your needs as well as your budget.

Shipping a freight via ocean can cost around $1,200 whereas shipping via air can be as much as $4,000. When deciding to use either or, keep in mind that the cost of the two services is calculated differently, therefore, you must consider your shipment when determining the service to be used. For example, ocean shipping is billed by the container. The average container which is 20 by 40 feet, is charged a flat rate and anything less than that is charged per cubic meter.
Most Air freight containers are priced by combining the size of the shipment and the weight. Therefore, if you’re shipping large and heavy containers, then going with ocean shipping may be the better option.

Businesses aren’t the only ones who use shipping containers to move items across the globe. Many people use containers when they are moving overseas. Using a shipping container allows you to move your entire house from one continent to the next. Some people even ship their vehicles overseas as well. Whether you are shipping a small package or your furniture, air shipping will always be much faster. However, while shipping rates via ocean may be much cheaper than air, warehouse rates for ocean shipping can actually be more expensive than for air. Furthermore, no matter which service you choose, when shipping internationally there may be customs and destination fees involved.

So how do you determine which service is best for you? Well, considering the contents of your shipment as well as its destination can help you get an idea of what the customs fees might be. Knowing what the approximate weight of your container is extremely helpful in deciding and how fast you need your shipment to arrive is important as well. Once you’ve answered these questions, then it really just comes down to determining what the cost would be for the particular service. Keep in mind that shipment has nothing to do with customs. So, even though your shipment may arrive at its destination quickly, it’s hard to predict how long customs may take to release your shipment.

Regardless, simply having such services at your disposal is awesome and super convenient. No longer do people have to try to sell or give away items and even cars all because they are going into the military or moving overseas. Now, even though you and your family might be living in a whole new land, with the convenience of shipping containers, you’ll be able to do so within the comfort of your own home.