The Top Ways You Can Draw in the Crowd at a Trade Show or Exhibition

If you are aiming to join an exhibition or trade show, competition can be quite fierce. You are competing, after all, with hundreds of other businesses which have the same goal as you, and you also have to contend with a myriad of other activities going on all at the same time. And while you can always try to stand out with the use of lighting, giveaways, graphics, and what-not, it’s better to go all out and try some other ways to attract the crowd. If you want to attract a lot more visitors to your exhibition booth or display stand, here are the top ways you can draw in the crowd at a trade show or exhibition.

Contact them

The first thing you can do to attract more people to your exhibition display is to contact them beforehand. Ask the organisers of the exhibit or trade show to give you a list of all the attendees and make it a point to contact them. Your best bet would be to create a kind of ‘buzz’ around your brand and company. Do what it takes to get pre-exhibition attention – send personalised emails, promote your giveaways, organise a competition, and talk about whatever activities you are planning. All this will create the buzz you need and encourage attendees to drop by.

Don’t forget the regulars

You may already have your existing loyal customers who have been with you through thick and thin. But you shouldn’t assume that since they are your regular customers, they will automatically visit your pop up exhibition stand. If you want to attract your regular customers as well (and make them feel more special at the same time), offer them some giveaways made especially for them. Key-rings, pens, and paper pads are already plentiful at any trade show or exhibition, so give them something more memorable. Useful giveaways include coffee mugs or even beer mugs, portable chargers, and USBs. Another option would be to offer your regular clients discounts on your services or products. This will help cement your relationship with your existing clients and make them feel more valuable. When you send out emails to your regular clients, make sure to change your email signature and include your company’s stand or booth number so they will know where to go.

Make time for digital promotion 

If you spend time marketing your presence at the exhibition, this can make a whole world of difference. You can begin by promoting yourself online and joining conversations (don’t forget to use the official hashtag(s) for the event).  If you see any posts about the event, join in and contribute your comments as well. If your exhibition display comes with games and activities, freebies from a product launch, snacks and refreshments, and more, make it a point to announce it to everyone.

You should update your social media accounts before the event, during the event, and after the event. Go a step further with blog posts about the event and what you are planning to do, send out e-newsletters, and advertise in magazines and on websites. Remember this: many attendees of such events plan their visit in advance and will already have an agenda as soon as they arrive. If you promote your stand beforehand, these attendees will likely as not include you in their agenda for the day – making all your efforts entirely worth it.