The use of AI chatbots for lead generation in Real Estate

The real estate industry is a very customer-oriented industry. Real estate agents are responsible for brokering houses for their clients, according to the clients’ needs and requirements. And since these agents are paid in proportion to the houses they sell there is an increased pressure on them to sell more real estate, at feasible prices.

Apart from these points, a real estate agent must also be able to acquire clients too. This is usually done through word of mouth, physical advertisements, or social media by growth hacking agency. But since most real estate agents are always busy, they need someone, or something to handle all the incoming queries from prospective clients and help in lead generation.

One very innovative solution for this is to use Artificial Intelligence. Client interaction handled by an artificial intelligence-powered real estate chatbot.

What is a chatbot?

Chatbots are algorithm-based programs that can mimic human conversation. It is used to converse and collect data from users who interact with it. Chatbots can greatly improve customer interactions and lead generation. It can automatically reply to multiple clients without any decrease in performance or response-time. Hence chatbots are also an excellent lead generation tool.

One very powerful artificial intelligence chatbot tool is the Facebook messenger bot.

The Facebook messenger bot is present on the Facebook page, and can be prompted via a “Send Message” action. When a prospective customer selects the  “Get Started” option, the chatbot receives the customer’s name and username, and then initiates the conversation.

Below are the applications of using chatbots as a lead generation tool.

Using the Artificial Intelligence Chatbot


The chatbot can be easily set up on a Facebook page. But, due to a weak and inadequate introduction, most leads end up being not converted. Using a chatbot, one can gain a major edge over other realtors out there. Having a good introduction can help hook in more users, and hence, boost your client-acquisition and lead generation.

Chatbots as a lead generation machine

Chatbots, when used correctly, can be an epic lead generation tool. This is because:


  • Chatbots collect meta-information on the user, and categorizes them.


  • Chatbots can comprehend the general context, either queries or statements made by the user.


  • Chatbots can understand natural language, and can keep up a simple conversation.

Capturing customer’s data

Chatbots, while acting as a proxy receptionist for business, can also collect and store the customer’s data. This is useful as one can obtain information on a prospective clients, with little or no effort whatsoever. This information can also be used to formulate better lead generation strategies.

Customized notifications

Having acquired the customers’ data, one can start sending newsletters and information to potential customers. Information regarding open houses,new listings on the market, and other real estate news can be easily related to the customers, hassle-free. Apart from this, customized notifications can be also used in other ways:

  • To send smart notifications, which will increase the overall customer reach.
  • To develop and maintain built-in services to aid in running the business.

Chatbots have numerous applications. The bot interface is optimal for initiating interactions with customers.

It can show visual media like pictures, maintain numerous conversations, and engage in playful banter too. One can also install add-on tools into the chatbot to make it seem more advanced and human-like.

This will make the clients come back to it more often, and hence result in more lead generation. Chatbots can also display infographics:

  • Home valuation free-of-cost
  • Crime statistics of the neighbourhood
  • Reviews of schools in the vicinity
  • Financial tools (mortgage calculator, credit score checker, down payment calculator)
  • Scheduling appointments

Answering Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Real estate agents often have to answer the same generic questions again and again. Hence, chatbots can be used to answer these questions, and answer the customers’ queries almost instantaneously.

Solving the customers’ doubts will result in more satisfaction and better lead generation. Chatbots presently can be programmed to answer many questions:

  • What would be a home’s rate of depreciation ?
  • Who is an escrow officer?
  • Is having title insurance mandatory?
  • How to acquire pre approval?
  • How should a home be priced and put up on the market?

A chatbot is nowhere near as flexible or smart as a human operator, but it still manages to get the job done.

For simple one-on-one conversations, the chatbot can take over as the business’ primary interface, and can increase lead generation by many folds.

The future is artificial intelligence, and almost all industries and services are on the run to avail it for themselves, so why should real estate agents shy away from it, when even growth hacking agency is following the same.