Introducing the new way to clear those bills

Keeping track of all these paper bills for different things like electricity, water, internet, dth, etc can be so tiresome. Even worse is making sure you don’t cross the due dates and have to pay a late fee. Then there is the matter of physically having to go pay those bills or writing a cheque and mailing it to the respective service providers.

Bill Payment Methods Are Changing:

The days of these rudimentary bill payments are changing. As the cost of data usage falls and the number of smartphone users rises in India, companies are looking to disrupt the way bills are paid. This is why the procedure to pay bills online is being adopted by more people. Not only is it making an individual’s life easier but it is saving them time and effort, with the perfect app, a person is now able to pay all their utility bills right from the comfort of their homes. Gone are the days of standing in line at the neighbourhood phone store to recharge the minutes on your phone. Also now there’s no need to make sure you mail in that electricity cheque before the due date to avoid those late fees.

Apps To Pay Bills Online:

There are 100’s of apps available to pay your bills online today. Some of them are by the individual service providers and some let you pay for various utilities from the same app. However the end result is all the same. Consumers can now sit in the comfort of their homes and clear all these bills with the touch of a button. Banking apps are also adopting this by adding these additional bill payment features to their own apps. Normally where customers would just use these apps to check their statements or transfer money from their accounts, now we are able to access a multitude of bill payment features. The best part is that instead of having multiple apps to pay different bills, using the banking app lets people handle all that from one place itself.

Bill Payment Features:

The most important aspect of these bill payment features available on the banking apps is the ability to immediately pay off your credit card bills. You can immediately check all your credit card purchases and pay off the bills as and when you wish to. Additionally these banking apps conveniently let you access and pay your utility bills like electricity, water, heat and more. They also work as a recharge app for mobile phones so that customers don’t need to walk into a service provider store to pay their phone bills. Whether you need to top up minutes and data for a prepaid phone service or pay your postpaid phone bill, all this can be achieved straight from the app. Additionally internet and dth bill payment can also be handled right from one of these apps.

Automatic Online Bill Pay:

To further benefit app users, automated bill payment is a great added feature, by authorizing your bank or service provider you simply have to sit back while the funds get automatically deducted from your account. Automating your bill payments is a great way to avoid recieving those infuriating late fees. After authorized, the utility service provider simply asks the bank for payments when needed without your involvement.

Types of Online Bill Payment:

There are a few different ways to pay your bills online. The first being automatic recurring payments which will directly be deducted from your account without your further involvement. Then there is the one time bill payment for services you might not use regularly, lastly customers may also set up future bill payments letting them select a future date so they do not forget.


The next step in bill payments is here. Forgo those older ways of paper bills and mailed cheques and move into the future. Paying your bills online is a convenient service offered on apps by many utility providers and banks. Besides clearing your credit card bills, these apps let you pay utility bills like your internet, dth, electricity, mobile network provider and more. The ability to automate your bill payments is a convenient and easy way to never miss the date and get those late fees. Finally the safety of paying your bills on these apps is always a worry. Bank apps with these bill payment features always have two-step verifications to login and they encrypt their data, making these apps extremely safe to use. In conclusion, don’t miss out on using this amazing feature just because people close to you are still hesitant.