When looking for a Continental Girbau commercial washer and dryer, you want to make the correct buying decision and get the best value for your money. Choosing correctly means considering specific things that help you make an informed decision. This blog post shows you the most important things to consider to help you choose commercial washing machines and dryers that suit your needs. Some of these factors can also help you buy the right laundry machine for your business.

Choose a machine with the right capacity

The machine capacity is critical when shopping for a commercial washer and dryer. If you go too big, your business will lose money in every washing or drying cycle. On the other hand, your dryer won’t be able to dry your full washer load in a single cycle if you go too small. Different commercial dryers and washing machines vary in capacity. Only choose those that best suit your business needs. Ask yourself: What type of laundry—light or heavy—does your business deal with daily? How much laundry do you do per day? How often will the laundry and commercial ironing machine be operating in 24 hours? If your business handles a lot of heavy clothes and bedding daily, a regular-size washer and dryer aren’t what you are looking for. You need a massive-capacity, full-size machine that can efficiently wash or dry heavy items and large loads.

Buy energy-efficient washers and dryers

Commercial dryers and washers can be energy-hungry, which can increase your electricity bills dramatically. For this reason, you need to buy laundry machines that use only as much energy as needed without wasting any. But how can you quickly know if they are energy efficient, especially if you buy the equipment online? Buy washers and dryers with an Energy Star—the government-backed energy efficiency label. The symbol certifies that a machine meets high energy efficiency standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In addition to the label, consider dryers and washers with optimized power management settings or power-saving features. That way, you choose laundry equipment with the least energy usage without sacrificing performance.

Consider the specific machine features needed in your business

Every laundry business is unique in its own way. And that could mean needing machines that have specific features. For instance, if you deal with specific types of fabric in your business, you will want a dryer with several temperature settings to ensure the correct washing and drying conditions for each type of clothing. This prevents damaging customers’ laundry with excess heat. Other features to consider are automatic detergent dispensers. This feature in commercial washes automatically and conveniently dispenses detergents and fabric softeners. It enables precise dosing to reduce wastage. Also consider the spin speed: Ensure the highest spin speed of the washer is ideal for removing the most water in the heaviest fabric you handle daily. The more water you remove in the wash cycle, the less time the clothes will spend in a dryer.

Choosing a suitable commercial washing machine or dryer doesn’t have to be complicated. Considering machine capacity, energy efficiency, and relevant machine features will help you make an informed buying decision.