You Can Make a Difference in Childhood Homelessness

As temperatures drop, the number of children on the streets grow colder as they snuggle down under blankets that are not warm enough. When they can’t get warm, they toss and turn, trying to move to keep the blood circulating. Many find themselves sleeping fully dressed and in coats and boots to try and stay warm. Though the actual numbers of homeless children are unknown, the estimate for 2019 is 2.5 million within the confines of the United States alone. The thoughts of the numbers influenced by homelessness around the world are staggering, but you can make a difference. Here are three ways.

1. Support

Donate your time, money, or food to a homeless shelter in your community. Every penny helps someone get off the street and provides them with a warm meal. This is especially crucial for the little children as they grow. Eyal Gutentag and his wife, Diane, make large donations to help area shelters get children off the street in their community in Los Angeles. Your local donation can do the same thing.

2. Volunteer

Vegetables need to be cut, food cooked, and meals passed out at shelters across the globe. If you want to help, why not donate your time and feed those in need. You can even babysit for a homeless mother as she takes a shower or read to a group of children while the parents take a class – the possibilities of volunteering are endless.

3. Donate

You have old items in your closet that you no longer need, and so do your neighbors. Why not arrange a collection drive with your pals through the neighborhood. Gather the goods from all your friends, family, and neighbors and give them to the local shelter. You may be surprised at how many items you can collect with just a few phone calls.

You can make a difference in the homeless situation, especially among the young children. Support the community shelters, volunteer your time, and donate old items. You can help warm a child up. What are you waiting for?