6 Health Hazards that Confront Construction Workers

The lives of construction workers are constantly at risk. Regardless if they are working indoors or outdoors, they are prone to a variety of accidents, injuries, and health problems that can result in minor irritations, serious injuries, and at its worst, death. Keep on reading and we’ll talk about some of the most common health hazards that put construction workers at risk.

  1. Dust

Many would agree that dust is a silent killer in construction sites. These tiny particles can be deadly, resulting in problems like lung cancer. It is a must to be proactive when it comes to dust control. A common solution is to use dust misting cannons to saturate dust particles. Using chlorides, providing personal protective equipment, installing barriers, and substituting materials are equally promising.

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  1. Asbestos

Like dust, asbestos can be a silent killer. It is a set of fibrous minerals. On their own, it isn’t a danger. However, once disturbed, such as during building demolition, these fibers can be released in the air and inhaled by construction workers. This can result in serious health problems, including lung cancer and asbestosis. According to the World Health Organization, more than 125 million people in the world are exposed to asbestos at their work. Construction companies must implement the necessary measures to deal with this problem.

  1. Noise

The constant movement of vehicles in a construction site and executing activities like blasting, among others, will result in excessive noise. This can be uncomfortable for most workers. Not to mention, long-term exposure can result in hearing impairment. To manage noise in construction, workers must wear personal hearing protection. Processes should also be assessed to minimize noise.


  1. Falls

Falls are amongst the leading health hazards in construction sites. Working at height is common among construction workers, and without the right protection, they will be at risk. It is a must to wear safety harnesses all the time. They should also have safety helmets to protect their head from a serious injury when they accidentally fall.

  1. Electricity

Electrical systems can pose harm to construction workers. It is common to suffer from thermal burns as a result of direct exposure to electricity. It can even start a fire in the construction site. To minimize electrical hazards, there should be no frayed or damaged electrical cords. Employees must wear proper gear. All electrical tools must be thoroughly inspected before used.

  1. Moving Objects

From vehicles to equipment, many moving objects can also expose construction workers to serious health hazards. Like in the problems above, using personal protective equipment can minimize the problem. Proper care and maintenance will also help to prevent moving objects from being health hazards.

From dust to moving objects, construction workers have to face a lot of health hazards in their daily jobs. It is the job of the management to develop a solid plan on how to address these issues to create a safe and healthy workplace.