The most common types of shipping containers are being used

The most used to move goods around the world are the cargo vessels in SCF’s container range. It can handle massive goods. It also has different types of shipping containers. Those are being used in different situations. You will know the common types of shipping containers that are being used. And the correct shipping containers to use for your goods.

General-purpose containers

This kind of container is better known as a dry container. These containers are fully enclosed to protect from other elements. It is also weatherproof with a rigid roof, floor, and sidewalls. Dry containers are the regular type of container which is used to load all the different kinds of cargo. They also adapted. For example the flexitanks for shipping specific types of liquid cargo or dry cargo.

Double door containers

It has doors at both ends and it is known as the tunnel container. It has a great purpose to load and unload the goods quickly. They are also perfect for steel and iron as it has wider space. And both of the doors have the same lock and it has weather-tight seals to keep them protected from elements.

High cube containers

It has the same structure as general-purpose containers. Although it is taller by 1ft. The containers are about 40’ to 45’ and it is required to use a huge volume capacity. This has a gooseneck chassis that makes it lie lower and taller.

Flat rack containers

It is a simple storage container that has collapsible sides which can be folded to look like a flat rack. Those end walls are strong enough to make the cargo secured. It is perfect for shipping goods that are oversized. The construction materials, vehicles, and machinery are good to use in this container.

Open top containers

The convertible top can be removed. This is perfect for a hard load that cannot be accessed through the door. These are the tall machines and heavy finished products. Which can be loaded or unload when you use a crane or rolling bridge. The containers have lashing rings that are fixed to the lower, upper, and corner side rails to be stable. It is available in 20’ and 40’.

Open side containers

It is the same as the regular, and general shipping containers. Only the difference is the doors which can be opened wide on the side. It will give you a wider room to access. It also makes the loading and unloading to be easy. It is available in 20’ and 40’. Which can give enough room for the large items that do not fit through those regular doors.

Half-height containers

It is a kind of shipping container that is good for transporting bulk cargo which is heavy and solid. This is perfect for transporting goods like stones and coal. Which is also perfect to use in the mining industry. The container is a low center of gravity. That is why they can manage heavier loads rather than those tall containers. And it can endure a rough industrial environment. It is also easy to load and unload goods.