Tips on how to measure your social media marketing growth

The digital marketing trends are always emerging and are dynamic, so they are never the same. If you are handling a business, you have to make sure that the social media marketing strategies that you are observing, are up to the date and there is room for improvement all the time. you should device a program to measure your social media progress and know your level of growth as well.

There are a lot of things that help determine the percentage of your growth on the social media and they must be kept in check from time to time in order to understand how the things are working for you.

Metrics for the measurement of social media marketing growth

There are certain factors that you should try to consider when you are checking and assessing your social media marketing growth. Here are the four most crucial metrics that contribute in the growth of your social media marketing.

  • Clicks

The number of clicks that you get on your images and titles, are the reflective of how attractive your posts are and how much compelling the points are for the customers, that they click on the links and open further. If there were plenty of clicks, but no likes, shares or comments, this would mean that the post was engaging at start but it did not engage the reader much, so they left without any further action.

  • Likes

Likes are the criteria for measuring how much your posts are liked by the visitors. The more likes there are, the natural it is that the people like the things you are sharing. The more likes your post gets, the higher it moves on the surface and its visibility is increased many times. So try to boost your performance and get more likes on your posts to higher and higher in the popularity graph.

  • Shares

The best thing that you could get on your post is the share. When someone shares your post or status further to the same social media account or across the networks, it means that they have found it productive and they want more people to know about it. Which is exactly what you are looking forward to. So the number of times your posts are being shared, the more it is true that you are sharing some good quality content on the social media platforms.

  • Comments

The most powerful and highly anticipated are the comments on the posts. The comments on the posts show that the readers or the visitors found your post convincing and effective and the conversation you had started, was engaging enough to get people involved in it. No matter what the nature of the post is, the comments are always a positive metric for measuring social media marketing growth. The comments are also used for the feedback generation from the customers. The product reviews are also often found in the comments section.