Advertising Secrets Going Back to The Basics

For years, there were flyers and pamphlets. After that, technology took over and advertising turned into an online business. Today, every business has a website. They all have ads that are specially designed to attract the attention of potential customers, and they all have SEO optimized websites to guarantee they will show up in search results.

This is great for some businesses, but it has been counterproductive. There are so many ads online that people are starting to ignore them as soon as they pop up. Pop up blockers guarantee that some ads are never even seen. The average person may spend hours on the internet or in front of a screen, but there is a small chance that they will click on an ad on the side bar. Because of this, businesses are starting to go back to the basics. Because people are not being bombarded by ads and flyers on their car anymore, they take the time to read them when they show up on their windshield or in their mailbox. If going back to the basics sounds like a thing that will help your business, follow these steps to guarantee a successful printed marketing campaign. Learn the target audience Every product has a target audience. For example, a single mom will not be interested in buying new baby clothes. Neither will a teenager. Because of this, the target audience would be for parents, and possibly grandparents. Now that the target audience has been determined, a person can think about how to get their attention. Catch their eye Companies that specialize in designing advertisements that will catch a customer’s eye have this part down to a science. Bright colours can catch anyone’s eye, for example. Using words that will appeal to the target population on the flyer will guarantee that they read it. For example, most parents are interested in getting free things. Raising kids can be expensive, so they will at least scan the piece of paper to see if they are interested in the gift when they see the word free. Include important information Companies often forget to include important information on a piece of paper due to limited space. This is not the internet, where a person can simply look up a business and then discover the address and phone number. This is a flyer. Companies need to make sure that they include the name of the business, the phone number, location and business hours. Distribution When companies opt for this type of advertisement, mass distribution is the way to go. Handing out one or two of these is going to guarantee that two people are going to read it. In a world with millions of people, businesses want to reach out to as many people as they can.

Some businesses will employ a person that is supposed to hand them out or put them on car windshields at local stores. This can be limited. Other businesses opt to hire a professional distribution company. These companies take distribution seriously. They use a GPS to make sure that they hit every spot that they can. These are the people that can get out a thousand flyers in a short period of time. Using older forms of advertising continues to increase in popularity. More and more businesses are learning the benefits of print advertising campaigns, and that they can still reach thousands of people using these methods. Whether it’s flyer distribution, leaflet distribution or simply sitting some pamphlets in a local waiting room, businesses can enjoy a form of advertising that is cheaper yet still effective, and it’s becoming one of the latest trends in the advertising market.